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About Spike

SPIKE INVEST SOLUTIONS was created in 2016. During this period of time, due to high quality analytics and consultancy skills, we have established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy company in this business area in Ukraine.

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Our goals

In short-term perspective, we want to become the leading consulting agency in Ukraine, and provide our partners with buying or selling strategies which are individually crafted for them depending on their circumstance. We specialize on trading and hedging methods which are not commonly used in Ukraine. We offer our domestic producers training programs, which will teach them how to use different trading tools to maximize their profit and minimize losses.

Our partners

Since 2016 SPIKE INVEST SOLUTIONS works with both traders and producers. Because of this we were able to come up with services that both sides find useful. Understanding what every participant of the market wants helps us grow professionally, and have a better grip on the market because we always get first hand information from both parties which allows us to take into consideration all small nuances.

Phone:+38 095 251 65 80
Address: vulytsya Aviakonstruktora Antonova, 8а, Chayky, Kyyivsʹka obl., 08130