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In the current world, to make the best decision, every company requires quick access to high quality information, new methodology and total analysis. SPIKE INVEST SOLUTION is always ready to help.

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Analytical reports

Analytical reports are the key component of systematic analysis. They will help you to understand different market aspects and its tendencies. The tools that we provide will increase the quality of the trading decisions that you make which will have a positive effect on the financial aspect of the company and its success overall.


We live in a century which is overloaded with information where it is almost impossible to pay attention to everything that is happening all around the world. If you partner with us you will always receive the most useful information in an easy to digest format. By working with us you can focus on production while we come up with the best individual strategies for you.


The most important task of a producer is to harvest good crop. However, Ukrainian producer is forced to take care of every aspect of business, starting from planting and harvesting crops to dealing with logistics problems and selling the crop itself. Our team of analytics is ready to help you achieve the best economical effect from selling your product as well as guaranty you reduction of risks.


Successful people - are those who constantly improve. SPIKE INVEST SOLUTIONS educational program will tell you in details about hedging methods that will reduce your financial risks and how to apply them in real life. What makes our program special is our deep understanding of the best world practices of risk minimisation and how to apply them correctly while taking into account the nuances of Ukrainian market.

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