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In the current world having knoweledge and understanding how to apply it is the most important criterias of success. Spike Invest Solutions offers training, webinars, and educational videos conducted by the best profetionals in agricultural consulting market. Our goal is to give skills and deeper market understanding for those who are looking for it as well as help speed up personal growth of everyone who asks us to help them.

“If you have knowledge, let other light their candles with it”
T. Fuller

Hedge Training Solutions
Price Making Solutions
SWAP Solutions
How to hedge your goods
In this training program we will tell you what is hedging and which practical methods you can use in Ukraine to minimize your price risks. We will teach you about: options call and put, short-term and long-term hedging and futures contracts.
Market analysis
We will tell you in-depth about different factors that have an impact on agriculture market. We will teach you about: volatility, liquidity, seasonality, how prices for different grains are formed, supply and demand, fundamental and technical factor and many other.
SWAP contracts as a hedging tool
In this training session we will tell you about SWAP contracts. You will know what it ism how they reduce your risks and how you can use them, their positive and negative aspects, and how you can adapt them to different situations in Ukrainian market.